DVD 7 : Introduction to Lateral Work

https://www.stefan-ried.de/249-csde93640-magie-spiele.html For many riders learning lateral work is like learning a new language. Issues of symmetry take on new dimensions and only by stabilising her body on the correct vertical axis can the rider remain causal and limit the horse’s evasions. Introduction to Lateral Work shows Mary’s work with both novice and advanced riders as they tackle the initial stages of learning and discover the skills which enable them to position their own and their horse’s body with increasing precision. 58min.

Whitstable juego online movil The Series II DVDs are of higher quality than Series 1, and were filmed in the USA in 1996. They feature riders who are mostly more skilled and experienced than those in Series I, and they presuppose the knowledge and skills described in the earlier set.

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