‘On The Bit’ Demystified

Renowned rider biomechanics coach, Mary Wanless BHSI BSc, author of the Ride With Your Mind books and DVDs held a series of Webinars going into detail about getting your horse ‘On The Bit’ and into the seeking reflexes.

All the Webinars were recorded and are available now to watch at your leisure.

The lectures span 6 sessions.

Lecture 1 On The Bit – The Seeking Reflexes
Lecture 2 On The Bit – 3 Dimensions¬† (i.e. the rider’s task in the planes of up/down, back/front, side/side)
Lecture 3 On The Bit – The Mental Problem
Lecture 4 On The Bit – Troubleshooting – common horse problems
Lecture 5 On The Bit – What can prevent it from working?
Lecture 6 On The Bit – Through gaits and transitions

Plus you get supporting videos for each lectures. At only £10 per lecture it way more value than a lesson, plus you get actionable steps to take away from each lecture to try on your horse. Once your payment has been made you will be directed to your membership area, where, you get to watch all the lectures.